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“Distraught” man shot in police station parking lot

FILE PHOTO (Shutterstock)
CLINTON — A man described as “emotionally distraught” was shot by an officer from the Syracuse Police Department on Sunday after a 911 hang up call.
According to detective Erin Behm of the Syracuse Police Department, the incident began around 11 A.M. Sunday morning when Clinton City Police officers were dispatched to respond to the hangup call. The individual placed the call from his car in the parking lot of the Clinton Police Station, enabling officers to respond quickly.
The man had an established history of making suicidal calls to the Clinton police, Behm said. Upon realizing that the man had multiple firearms within reach, officers called in backup from other police forces, including the Syracuse Police Department. Clinton officers engaged in crisis negotiations with the man, but he refused to surrender his weapons.
After more than three hours of crisis negotiations with the man, a Syracuse Police Department officer fired fatal shots. Behm did not say what prompted the officer to shoot, how many shots were fired or if the victim was still in his car.
The officer involved placed on paid administrative leave per the Davis County Critical Incident Investigative Protocol. The names of the officer and the deceased will not be immediately released as details surrounding the shooting are still under investigation.