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Mia Love
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Rep. Mia Love talks election, future

FILE: Surrounded by her family Rep. Mia Love talks about election results in the 4th Congressional District at the Utah Republican Party offices in Salt Lake City on Nov. 26, 2018. (Deseret News)

SALT LAKE CITY — In her first remarks since the election results became official, Rep. Mia Love, R-Utah, had plenty to say about how things went.

She barely lost to Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams, a Democrat, and said the election stained Utah.

“I believe we have elected a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” she said about McAdams.

She was also not happy about how President Trump treated her.

“This gave me a clear vision of how his world is: no real relationships, just convenient transactions,” she said.

She then highlighted the problems politicians have with minorities and black Americans.

“It’s transactional, it’s not personal,” she said.”They are never willing to take us home.”

And she says minorities need to ask: what is the cost of picking Democrats who want to keep them in poverty?

“Conservative policies work. They lift everyone,” Love said.

But she says she is not discouraged.

“The good news is, I am not going away,” she continued. “Now I am unleashed, I am untethered, and I am unshackled and I can say exactly what’s on my mind.”

Love says she is not sure if she will run again, but will keep promoting conservative policies.

Love says she is proud of what she accomplished during her time in Congress. She says she fought hard for taxpayers, vets, victims, seniors, and unborn children.