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Get ready for the weather to take a nasty turn

SALT LAKE CITY – The weather outside might not be frightful now, but, meteorologists say that’s going to change very soon.

The precipitation is likely going to start slowly.  Rain will continue to fall on Wednesday and could change into a rain/snow mix by early Thursday morning.  National Weather Service Meteorologist David Bonnette says things will really change Thursday afternoon.

“We really start to get heavy accumulations starting Thursday at about 3 o’clock,” he says.

However, he expect the busiest day for snowfall to be on Friday, and when all is said and done, there could be up to three inches of snow on the valley floor, and up to 18 inches in the mountains. After that, it gets really cold.

“It will get cooler once we get going to the weekend and then by early next week it will be pretty cold, with highs barely in the low 30s.  It might even be below freezing on Monday and Tuesday,” Bonnette says, adding, “The low temperatures are going to be in the upper teens or low 20s early next week, or even this weekend,”

The roads could be especially slushy on Thursday and early Friday, since the snow in the first part of the storm is expected to carry more water than the stuff that will fall after.

Bonnette says, “The colder it gets, well below freezing, the drier the snow gets because the air can’t hold that much water whenever it gets cold.”