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Man files lawsuit against Unified Police officer

Lopeti Misinale and attorney Robert Sykes explain civil rights lawsuit filed against Unified Police officer for false arrest and malicious prosecution December 6, 2018

SALT LAKE CITY — A Taylorsville has man filed a civil rights lawsuit, alleging false arrest and malicious prosecution against a Unified Police officer Wednesday.

The man says he wants the officer disciplined so that what he’s gone through never happens to someone else.

Lopeti Misinale says Unified Officer Kevin Spencer wrongly accused him of making an illegal U-turn in Taylorsville – handcuffing him, using abusive language, and letting him go after admitting he made a mistake.

“It was quick but rough,” says Misinale.

Misinale found out months later Spencer had filed felony charges against him for not stopping and fleeing. Those charges were dropped, but then Misinale found out further misdemeanor charges had been filed months after that.

“And it’s like, I already beat this once,” says Misinale. “Why are you guys coming at me again?”

Misinale says he’s had to pay attorneys fees and waste countless hours fighting these baseless charges.

The whole process has changed his perception of police Misinale explained, “Just to have police officers follow me or come close to me, it’s nerve-wracking.”

Unified Police are not commenting while they review the suit.