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olympic olympics salt lake seeks winter games for 2030
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Colorado proposes sharing Olympic hosting duties with Utah

Utah Olympic Park, one of the sites of the 2002 Winter Olympics, as seen in March 2017. (Photo by Marc Piscotty / © 2017)

DENVER — Colorado, which recently pulled out of consideration to host a future Winter Olympic Games, is now looking at the possibility of sharing the games with another venue, such as Utah – and specifically, Park City.

Denver bid leaders say it would cost too much money to build a new sliding track. North America only has a few – in Lake Placid, near Vancouver, Calgary, and Park City.

The Colorado Sun says it would almost be like Colorado and Utah co-hosting the Olympics.

Bid leaders say Stockholm plans to use a sliding complex in a neighboring country. Italy is proposing an Olympic Games across two cities. Why not share venues across two U.S. states?

The USOC should say in about a week who gets the US bid for the 2030 games. Utah leaders say we could do it all here and do it well – without having to outsource any venues.