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Inversion and fog to start the week, mid-week storm to bring relief

This inversion will be hanging around the Wasatch Front for at least one more day.

KSL Meteorologist Grant Weyman explains why the view is thick and gray.

“It’s another smoggy start to the week… as the temperature inversion stays in place. That warmer air aloft is trapping the colder air and pollutants in the valley,” Weyman says.

“We’ve got some of those low clouds again, and the foggy conditions in some places,” says Weyman.

Monday morning was filled with low cloud cover and fog, which makes the air look worse. There is also an inversion going on, with the opaque air trapped in the valleys.

The air quality did have people like Eric Smith going into the mountains on Sunday.

“Pretty disgusting looking back on the valley and knowing that you live down in that bowl of soup,”Smith says.

On Monday the air is unhealthy for sensitive groups in Salt Lake County. Residents are not allowed to use fireplaces and wood stoves on inversion days.

Andrea Henderson checks the air quality levels every day.

“Well, I have to. I have asthma. I try to get out at least not be too active, but i try to get outside every day,” Henderson says.

A storm will move in on Tuesday. A mid-week snowfall should help clear out the gunky air.