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Enjoy Utah Responsibly Coalition
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New coalition urges Utahns to be responsible this holiday season

SALT LAKE CITY — A new coalition of local restaurants, law enforcement, public transportation and ride-sharing services are banding together to encourage holiday revelers to enjoy themselves while also staying safe.

Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown says parties are a great way to have fun over the holidays, as long as you’re smart about it.

“As you go out and enjoy these things, do it responsibly. if you are going to drink, have a game plan ahead of time. Have a way you are going to get home,” he said.

A new state law lowering the legal limit for blood alcohol level takes effect on January 1. As a result, the Utah Department of Public Safety, Lyft, area restaurants and businesses, and other law enforcement agencies launched a public awareness campaign under the “Enjoy Utah Responsibly Coalition” banner.

“We will be kindly reminding Utahns of this law change on social media, on billboards, Trax trains, and in bars and restaurants all around the Wasatch Front,” said Jeremy Neigher, with Lyft.

Samantha Mary Julian with the Downtown Alliance says there’s no excuse for not being responsible.

“There’s plenty of ride-sharing, there’s plenty of public transit. Please use those resources to enjoy and bring our economy up in a responsible way,” she said.

The Department of Public Safety says troopers have been training in advance of the law change.