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Naked man found dead near trail in a Millcreek park

(Photo Credit: Kristin Murphy, Deseret News)

MILLCREEK – Authorities say a suspicious death happened within the last few days and cops have extremely little to go on.  Police say a man’s body was found naked in a Millcreek park Wednesday, and they’re trying to find out who he is.

The body was found by a man walking his dog along a trail in Big Cottonwood Regional Park.

“The dog started to bark and ran into the trees.  As the man followed his dog into the trees, he discovered the body in there,” according to Unified Police Department Spokesperson, Sergeant Melody Gray.  She adds, “It doesn’t appear he’s been there long.”

What happened to him?  Gray says they don’t know.

“No obvious signs of trauma, so, no obvious signs of death.  We have no idea, at this point, who he is or how he died.”

The Medical Examiner’s Office has the body and will determine how he died.  In the meantime, Gray says there are a few things they can do to figure out who the man is.  All they know about him, for now, is that he’s a white male between the ages of 50 and 70.

Gray says, “We’ve called care centers in the area to see if any of their people are missing.”

Plus, he had this ring in his possession.

(Photo Credit: UPD)

However, there were no reports of a missing person that matches that description.

“The fingerprints, we can run through the system, and if there’s a hit, there’s that.  If we have to move to dental records or those kinds of things, that could be a longer period of time,” Gray says.