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TSA: leave the weapons at home before you go to the airport

SALT LAKE CITY –If you are flying somewhere this Christmas, security officers at Salt Lake International Airport are asking you not to try to bring any weapons through security.

Passengers are trying to carry all sorts of weapons onto planes. Salt Lake Federal Security director Mark Lewis says people claim they forgot or didn’t understand the rules.

He showed a table full of guns, knives, swords, tools, tasers, brass knuckles and throwing stars – even a large portable car battery starter and a golf club.

“Everything you see on the table, except for the grenades, would be allowed in checked baggage,” said Lewis.

If you bring a weapon to the security checkpoint, agents will find it and confiscate it. Salt Lake TSA supervisor Maria Ramirez says you have options after that:

“They can mail it, they can go back out and put it in their checked baggage, they can put it in their car if they parked a car, they can give it to someone who brought them to the airport, or their last resource is to voluntarily abandon it with us,” she said.