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Be a Savvy Santa This Holiday Season: 5 Tips for Safe Holiday Parking and Protecting Your Family’s Gifts

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During the holidays, many crimes happen away from potential victims — in the parking lot where they left their car. Former SLC Police Chief Chris Burbank shares a few holiday tips for safe holiday parking as you do your Christmas shopping.

1 – Don’t Leave Valuables in the Car

Practice safe holiday parking this year. The best way to avoid a break in is to ensure there is nothing in your car to steal. Leave anything you don’t need at home. If a criminal is looking for valuable items in cars, they will see there is nothing in yours and most likely move on.

2 – Hide Things Out of Sight

If you have to leave something in the car, make sure it is out of sight. Tuck it under a seat. Throw a coat or blanket over it. Put it in the trunk. If the criminals can’t see valuable items in your car, they are less likely to break into it.

3 – Plan Ahead

Put valuables in the trunk before you arrive at the shopping mall. Remember that thieves are watching. When someone pulls in to a parking garage, criminals look for people to stash valuables in the trunk. Once the shopper heads inside, the thieves head straight for the car.

4 – Ask Stores to Hold Your Purchase

If you are making several purchases, you may be tempted to put them in your car instead of lugging bags from store to store. A thief will be on the lookout for this. They are watching for shoppers to drop their purchases off in their cars then go back inside to continue shopping. Once they see you are out of sight, they will march straight to your car and relieve you of those newly purchased items. Instead, ask the store to hold your purchase for you until you are ready to leave the shopping center. Once you are done, collect your goods and go.

5 – Doesn’t Feel Like Safe Holiday Parking? Move Your Car!

If stores are unwilling to hold your purchases while you shop, you may have to store them in your car. If this is the case, lock your items in the trunk then move your car to another spot.