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Oh No! I Forgot the Neighbors!: 5 Easy and Creative Neighbor Christmas Gifts That Will Brighten their Spirit This Holiday Season

This article on neighbor Christmas gifts is sponsored by Maceys. Happy shopping!

Are you racking your brain trying to get some inexpensive gifts for your neighbors? Neighbors are probably the hardest people you have to shop for during the holiday season. But the good news is that you don’t have to look further than your local Maceys.

1. Make a Package of Candy from Easily Available Items

Start out by getting a bit creative. You know those candy filled candy canes? Wrap a couple of those together with the best looking ribbon you can find.  Or, if the candy filled candy canes aren’t your thing grab a couple mason jars. Fill up small mason jars with red or green M&M’s, sugar-coated Chex cereal, or Hershey kisses.

2. Have Some Ribbon?

Maybe all you have is ribbon.  You can pop by the popcorn aisle to wrap up a box of your favorite kernels for your neighbors. Or tear over to the tissue aisle and tie some of that ribbon around a fresh box of facial tissue for those winter runny noses. Even a couple of light bulbs can go a long way.

3. Themed Neighbor Christmas Gifts

Maybe you want to consider pairing some similar items. Pairing a can of beans, and a can of root beer and you’ve got yourself a “Rootin’ Tootin’ Christmas”. Or maybe put some popcorn, a Redbox gift certificate, and a candy treat and your neighbors have themselves a movie night in.

4. Cleaning Stuff

Who doesn’t need cleaning supplies? Keep your humor and your neighbor’s house clean this Christmas with cleaning products. Some sponges or some dish soap go a long way. And it gives new meaning to holiday ‘Joy’.

5. Last Minute Necessities

Everyone needs that one last thing around the holiday season. You can even combine those last-minute necessities to create gifts.  These things don’t have to cost a lot of money. Things like Just spend a little time on creativity, and head on over to your local neighborhood Macey’s store for the best neighbor Christmas gifts this season.

Bonus: Don’t forget the Labels!

The labels themselves can be great for your creativity by saying fun things like “Santa has been busy granting wishes, but he left you this bag of kisses” for a bag of christmas themed Hershey’s kisses, or for those light bulbs “May your days be merry and bright.