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Getting Pulled Over is the Worst but Here’s How You Can Make Sure You Have a Safe Traffic Stop if You Get Pulled Over By an Unmarked Police Car

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While you’re driving, if you see flashing lights trying to pull you over but they’re coming from an unmarked car, what do you do? Former SLCPD Chief Chris Burbank tells you what to do if you’re nervous in this situation.

Have a Safe Traffic Stop

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If you are pulled over and the car is unmarked and there is no recognizable law enforcement attire, you have the right to only roll your window down a little bit. As you are pulling over, evaluate where you can safely park to be out of the way of traffic, while also not endangering the police officer. You also have the right to ask if you can pull into a near parking lot to continue the conversation.

What’s Required During a Traffic Stop

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In the State of Utah you are required to have and to present:

  • A valid State issued driver’s license (of course this does not need to be a Utah driver’s license)
  • Proof of your valid insurance for your vehicle
  • Your current and valid vehicle’s registration

You should always know where you have these in your vehicle and always be prepared to show them if you do get pulled over. Not having these forms of documentation could lead to unnecessary fines on top of the ticket you might get.

Stay Safe Out There

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You should always be a cautious, alert, and safe driver whenever you take to the roads. Stay distraction-free, and always be as courteous as possible. Don’t let poor decisions put you in the situation of getting a ticket, or much worse, causing harm to yourself, your vehicle or especially other people.

A police officer with an unmarked car has the same ability to pull you over as an officer with a marked car. Stay safe in any situation where you might be pulled over.