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Can you retire early by not living on a budget?

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Many millennials and post-millennials are in the midst of what is called the “gig economy,” which may be hurting their ability to retire.

In a gig economy, people are not in stable, full-time positions. Instead, they pay the bills with freelance work, while others are using part-time and temporary gigs to help pay the bills.

Some people in the gig economy do it for the flexibility, and some are forced into it by circumstance.

Many work full-time and have a gig on the side, such as driving for Uber or Lyft — I know people who drive for both.

I have had a secret wish to be a taxi driver for the longest time. I’ve always been something of a night owl, I love chatting with strangers, and I love driving. So, I could work when I want and do something I really like.

Even though some people may embrace the gig economy, there are some downsides. When I saw information on how many freelancers there are, I worried about their retirement. They are going to be behind the curve for setting themselves up for a good retirement because they won’t have a company-matched 401k.

Too many freelancers put off saving for retirement until they have enough money to start putting aside. If I only relied on my company-matched 401(k), I wouldn’t have enough to retire and I wouldn’t have enough to spend the way I want to spend.

Some are not going to be prepared for retirement are going to place a heavy burden on the economy because of their lack of preparation.

Retirement can begin as soon as you can afford it.

In college, I decided to never schedule any classes before 10 a.m.

I knew if I wanted straight A’s, I needed to take afternoon classes. I did it and I got better grades.

I feel like that’s what that young retiree is doing. Telling people to play to their strengths and let their spending show what they really value, then making adjustments so they know how much money they need to retire.

That 30-something multi-millionaire is saying, “No budgets in 2019.”