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MOVIE SHOW: Holmes and Watson, the worst movie of the year?

Holmes and Watson (PG-13)

 for crude sexual material, some violence, language and drug references

Steve’s Rating: F++

Doug’s Rating: Turkey

The Holiday Season should be a time where you catch up on some good movies, and this just isn’t one of them.

The first sign that this was going to be a bad movie was the fact that Sony didn’t open it up to movie critics. Not because it was something special and they wanted to keep the spoilers out of the hands of fans, but might have been because it was so bad. Currently with a ranking of 7% on Rotten Tomatoes and is so bad that Netflix turned it down for it’s streaming service.

Opening on Christmas Day, this was supposed to be a comedic take on the classic Sir Arthur Conan Doyle tale of a brilliant detective and his faithful sidekick played by charismatic comedy duo found in Will Ferrill and John C. Reilly who have been known to make some good funny movies like Taledega Nights and Stepbrothers, but as Steve Salles heard, there are more laughs in the outtakes of Stepbrothers than in the whole movie of Holmes and Watson.

With an estimated budget of over $40 million, the film brought in a measly $6 million dollars on its opening day (compared to Aquaman’s $22 million) and has, at the time of writing, only grossed around $12 million.

“This is a terrible movie.” says Doug “It’s on my worst movie of the year list. When I heard you were throwing yourself under the bus and figured that my wife and I would too so we could compare notes, and OH. MY. GOODNESS.

“Do you want to know what the best part of this movie was?” he asked.

“The closing credits,” quipped Steve

“That’s right! When it finally ended!” laughed Doug, but “No, there was a scene where Watson and Holmes are somewhat estranged, and Watson is facing a rather terrible situation and there is a clever singing bit that goes on with some back and forth between the two and it was clever! They both have really good voices, I mean, I remember John C. Reilly from Chicago, and there was some good stuff in there for about three minutes if that.”

“If that.” Said Steve.

For two very funny actors who have made some funny movies in the past, and have well-established chemistry with each other, the guys expected a lot more from this movie. But it didn’t deliver.

“Our producer KellieAnn said that it was like a bunch of junior high school guys got together a wrote something tacky and naughty,” said Doug. It almost seemed like the writers didn’t know who the characters were.

“[This is] one of the worst films, if not THE worst film, I’ve seen this year, and I’m not saying that just because I saw it yesterday.

“The biggest part of it is, it’s such a huge disappointment, with that kind of talent in this movie. I was looking at the cast of this movie and I was thinking, okay, they can just read out of a phone book and make this interesting! But they couldn’t even pull that off.

The final take from these guys:



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