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Senior residents left in the cold after a water pipe burst

TAYLORSVILLE, Utah —  Residents of Summit Vista were woken up in the middle of the night to firemen knocking on their doors as a water pipe burst and flooded their homes, forcing an evacuation.

The senior living center, just off 6200 S. near Bangerter Highway, is relatively new and United Fire Spokesman Matthew McFarland says the pipes haven’t been through extended cold weather.  The entire building of 85 people was evacuated after a water pipe burst on the 5th floor.

Two inches of water covered the floor, McFarland says, because there isn’t drainage installed.  The water then began to seep down to lower floors which caused the full evacuation.

There were no medical problems during the evacuation, but McFarland says multiple medical teams were on the scene just in case.  The Red Cross is housing the senior residents until they’re allowed to move back home.

That may take a while though after as heat needs to be turned back on to the building and rooms need to be dried out.