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OPINION: Why parents should worry less about screen time

New studies indicate there are not a lot of reasons to be concerned about your kids having too much screen time. This is great news for me because I love to play Fortnite.

However, that doesn’t mean we can allow our kids to have free range to do whatever they want with technology and smartphones.

There are enough risks from technology from predators online to identify theft.

My strategy is to slowly ease kids into that technology. You do it for two reasons, to make sure that they’re responsible human beings but also to protect their lives.

Getting the privilege to use technology should be like teens learning how to be drivers. I’m guessing you’d never hand your kids the keys to the car without any training and let them drive around. Same goes for having technology and phones. My kids earned my trust as they got more and more technology privileges. But if they were violating my parental trust and misusing the technology, I’d take away some of their privileges.  

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