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Logan man sentenced for assault on USU student

(KSL Stock Photo)

LOGAN – A Logan man learns his fate after he reportedly admitted to raping a fellow Utah State University student in 2015.  His alleged victim says he was sentenced to 180 days, and she’s pleased with that sentence.

Allison Berg acknowledges she was very drunk when she went out walking with Scott Simmons after a frat party, but, she clearly remembers telling him she didn’t want to have sex.  Simmons reportedly admitted to investigators he initiated sex, despite the fact she told him “no.”

“For the first year, it had been really hard to go to school and to have to see him around.  It was just really, really difficult,” Berg says, adding, “It’s been hard to sustain friendships and relationships and just live a normal life.”

Simmons had written an apology to Berg, acknowledging what happened was not consensual and that he was sorry.  Berg believes Simmons truly has remorse for his actions, but, she wonders if he’s only sorry because he was caught.

“He had two years, I guess, to apologize before I went to police.  He had plenty of time to be sorry,” Berg says.

Still, she feels 180 days is an appropriate amount of time for Simmons.  She doesn’t believe he’s a danger to society, and that he won’t do it again.

“It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is.  When you think about how much time he’d spent in jail, that’s a long time,” Berg says.