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shake shack burger restaurant coming to utah
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Developer: Shake Shack is coming to Utah

Shake Shack's burgers are what made the chain famous, but it originated as a hot dog stand. (

SALT LAKE CITY — A popular burger chain, Shake Shack, with locations in 26 states and the District of Columbia, will be opening its first Utah location later this year.

Shake Shack will take up residence in half of the old Crescent Elementary School building, which later became Valley High School, near 11000 S. State Street in Sandy.

Wadsworth Development Group, based in Draper, bought the property in 2016. Its plans for Shake Shack include an outdoor patio and school themes, in keeping with the building’s history. Eventually, the company hopes to add another business or retailer to the remaining space as part of its School Yard plans.

In a tweet announcing the news, Wadsworth Development Group said renovations were underway. The company expects the restaurant to open by the summer.

The restaurant chain has its origins in New York City, where it started as a food cart before expanding. Outside of the east coast, many diners first heard of the chain when President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden visited a Shake Shack in 2014 during their campaign for infrastructure.