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Park City police respond to snowmaking noise complaints

A young woman is skiing fast and carving a turn on skis at Deer Valley near Park City, Utah. (Getty Images)

PARK CITY — People are complaining about the snowmaking noise coming from the ski resorts around Park City.

The Park Record reports the Park City Police Department got their second complaint in about two weeks from people saying it was just too loud near them.

The first man couldn’t understand why Park City Mountain Resort could use the snowmaking system at night. But police did not find that any municipal laws were being broken. Apparently, city hall exempts snowmaking from rules regarding noise levels.

The second report from a home near Deer Valley reported they were worried a valve blew off a snowmaking gun. The system did suffer an air leak that caused the noise, and they fixed it within the hour.

Many ski resorts also produce noise as a result of avalanche control operations. Some use explosives or even howitzers to trigger avalanches on purpose, in order to prevent one being triggered by a skier or snowboarder later.