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Are You Ready To Take the Monster Plunge? 4 Reasons Why The Bear Lake Monster Winterfest Is The Can’t Miss Utah Winter Activity

This article about the Bear Lake Monster Winterfest is sponsored by the Bear Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau. The 10th anniversary Bear Lake Monster Winterfest is Bear Lake’s biggest annual winter event.

This year celebrates the 10th anniversary of what’s become one of Utah’s favorite winter activities, The Bear Lake Monster Winterfest. From the Monster Polar Plunge to the Monster Cisco Disco you won’t want to miss a second of this fun event. Plus, locals will have hot chocolate, fried Cisco, and scones available for the public to try. So here are 4 Reasons why the Bear Lake Monster Winterfest is the can’t miss Utah winter activity

1. Monster Cisco Disco

Photo: Bear Lake Winterfest

The East Shore of Bear Lake on the shore known as “Cisco Beach” is home to the annual fishing event called the Monster Cisco Disco. With waders and fishing nets, fishermen are trying to capture all the Cisco they can catch. Not sure what a Cisco is? A Cisco is a small finger sized fish that stay close to the shore, and are a favorite treat for Utah Rainbow Trout. Because they dwell close to the shore, they are easy to catch with just a fishing net. It’s a great activity for the whole family. Of course, you can also use a rod and reel to catch them too. Think this sounds like something you would be good at? Check out the Monster Cisco Tournament where you are pitted against other fishermen to compete for glory and the most Cisco caught. Then stick around as hundreds of Cisco are filleted and fried up right on the beach. Just make sure to bring your fishing license.

2. Monster Chili Cook-Off

Photo: Bear Lake Winterfest

Do you cook the most rip-roaring chili in the State? Chilli that warms you up and up and up? Well, then you just might have what it takes to enter into the Monster Chilli Cook-Off. Chili cooks make 3 gallons of chili each and at the end of the day, judges and the public vote on who’s chili is the best in town. You could win great prizes, and of course, all the bragging rights. Not a cook? Eating more of your specialty? Not to worry! There will be chili samples for days.

3. Monster Indoor Expo/Outdoor Expo & Raffle

Looking for something else to do in the midst of the Winterfest? Check out the Monster Outdoor Expo and prize raffle on Saturday from 10 am – 3 pm at the Bear Lake State Park Marina along with the Chili cook-off and the Monster Plunge. The raffle is open to anyone who attends, and you could win some really cool prizes. Then check out the Monster Indoor Expo at the Sunrise Resort Event Center Friday from 5 pm – 9 pm and Saturday from 9 am – 6 pm. Both of these expos will have fun and exciting local vendors for you to check out.

4.Bear Lake Monster Winterfest’s Monster Polar Plunge

Photo: Bear Lake Winterfest

One of the most talked about activity at the Bear Lake Monster Winterfest is the Monster Polar Plunge. The plunge is designed to help raise funds for the Common Ground Outdoor Adventures Organization by jumping into Bear Lake in freezing weather. Think that sounds too cold? Well, it is. But it doesn’t stop people from doing it to help raise money for a good cause. Bear Lake Monster Polar Plunge!

Participants are encouraged to wear their favorite costumes as they take the plunge into the icy water, and you might even see some special guests there as well who will be doing the plunge too. “How am I supposed to jump into a freezing cold lake when it’s frozen over?” you may be asking yourself. Not to worry, they used chainsaws to cut out places just for you to take the dive. Hop on in, the water’s fine!

Photo: Bear Lake Winterfest