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Eating Right and Feeling Great: 3 Easy Ways You Can Follow Through with Your New Year’s Food Resolutions

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Since it’s 2019 and we’re just settling into the new year, there’s a lot of pressure to set new resolutions to be healthier and happier. Do some of your new year’s resolutions have to do with eating a little better? Here are 3 ways this new year’s food can be better for you!

1. Eat Better By Pre-Planning

New Year's Food Traditions

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If you are like a lot of people, trying to eat healthier may seem contradictory. Yeah, sure, making the decision to eat better can be an easy choice. But, following through with it? Maybe at first, but after a few weeks, not so much.  So try some simple meal pre-planning. Start by making your favorite fruits and vegetables more accessible.  for instance, cut up celery sticks or grapes and put them in a bowl of water to preserve them.  You can also try chopping up a head of lettuce to store it in the fridge. That way you don’t have to chop salad every time you want to make one. Sure, it takes a little extra time to prepare the foods all at once, but you’ll make up that time and eat healthier by planning ahead.

2. Eat As A Family

New Year's Eve Food

Photo: Glass food storage container – Family Dinner by Rubbermaid Products, CC BY 2.0

Eating together as a family can really help your kids.  It can even help them with getting better grades, higher self-esteem, and lower risk of substance abuse and obesity.  Eating together supports creating good eating habits, and can get your whole family at the table to talk, eat, and have some fun. If you don’t have kids or a spouse right now, get some friends or neighbors together for a meal.  Whoever you choose to have at your table, enjoying food with good company can promote community and life.

3. Save Money on this New Year’s Food

Coupons are great, and smartphones can those coupons easier to find. But, do you need coupons to save money?  With a little bit of planning where you can, try buying a little more food than you usually do, and store it in your storeroom.  And for and produce, try investing in a larger freezer and some freezer bags. This will make it easier to cut up excess food and save it without the food spoiling or you wasting your money.  You can even try a vacuum sealer. That way you get all of the air out that could cause the foods to get freezer burned. That helps your food last that much longer.

For a little more help, swing by your local neighborhood Maceys store to stock up and save, or head over to for more ideas on how to create meals for family and friends.

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