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Police searching for escaped Cache County Jail inmate

CACHE COUNTY – Police in Cache County are searching for an inmate who walked away from a work assignment.  Investigators are especially puzzled as to why he did it since he didn’t have much longer to serve.

Joshua Aders was part of a group of inmates doing maintenance work at the Heritage Center in Wellsville.  At around 11 in the morning, the workers at the center realized there was a problem.

“It’s an assignment where we have inmates out every day and he was one of those inmates.  They went to gather everybody to come in for lunch and they realized that he was gone, as well as one of their vehicles,” according to Cache County Sheriff Chad Jensen.

Jensen doesn’t believe Aders is a danger to the public.  In fact, he had to show good behavior to even get the Wellsville assignment.  Aders was scheduled to be released in May, but, he’s going facing a lot more time behind bars when he’s caught.

“He’s going to get more charges, which would be felonies.  One would be escape from custody, theft of a motor vehicle and there could be a litany of things,” Jensen says.

It’s possible he could get another 20 years.

“[Escaping] is a second-degree felony, so, five to 15 in prison would be the maximum he could get.  Theft of a motor vehicle is a third-degree felony, so, that’s another zero-to five in prison.”

Aders has previously been arrested for things like fraud and drug possession.