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Sen. Romney in Utah to see effects of shutdown

OGDEN – The Senate is technically in session, but, Utah’s junior senator, Mitt Romney is in Weber County, speaking with elected officials about how badly their cities are being hurt by the government shutdown.

County commissioners say the nasty effects of the shutdown are starting to trickle down to people who don’t work for the federal government.  He says not only are the employees hurting because they aren’t getting paid, but, restaurant and small business owners are losing out on customers.

“There is no way that these small businesses will be back-filled for this month and a half profit that they’re going to lose.  So, I see a lot of suffering coming from our small business community,” Froerer says.

Other commissioners like Jim Harvey says the lack of progress is incredibly frustrating.

Harvey says, “Get rid of this political crap and come together.”

Senator Mitt Romney says he was part of a group of 20 senators who proposed an idea that cold get the government running, at least temporarily.

“Open the government for three weeks and let us work and find a common ground solution, but, we were turned down on that,” Romney says.

He believes lawmakers seem to be a lot more willing to work together than President Trump and House Speaker Nany Pelosi.

He adds, “The word is that the President and the House Speaker are going to have to find common ground, somehow.”

Romney says it “takes two to tango,” but, he has serious doubts about Pelosi’s stance on funding a border wall.

“I’m a Republican, so I tend to look at Speaker Pelosi and say, ‘Gosh, Speaker Pelosi.  You and your fellow democrats have voted for over 600 miles of border fence in the past.  Why wouldn’t you vote for another few miles, now?’” Romney asks.