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GUILTY: Ex-USU football star convicted of rape

Torrey Green reacts as a jury finds him guilty of eight charges including five counts of rape and a charge sexual battery in connection to reports from six women accusing him of sexual assault while he was a football player at Utah State University, Friday, Jan.18, 2019 in Brigham City, Utah.

BRIGHAM CITY – A former Utah State football player has been found guilty on multiple counts of rape.

Torrey Green sexually assaulted multiple women between 2013 and 2015.

The women did not know each other, but their accounts of sexual assault were similar. The women reported the sexual assaults at different times.

The judge over the trial combined six cases into one due to the similarities in their reports.

Prosecutors say most of the women were brought to his apartment to watch a movie, each time on a date. It was at his place where he attacked them.

Green claimed that four of the sexual encounters were consensual and the two others never happened.

His defense attorney said the women came forward for attention after he signed a contract with an NFL team.

Green was at one time a signed rookie for the Atlanta Falcons. He was cut from the team after the allegations against him began to surface.

He was not sentenced on Friday. He is set to appear in another rape case. This separate trial does not have a set date.