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Authorities rescue dog after falling under avalanche ice at Stewart Falls

(Courtesy Utah County Sheriff's Office)

SALT LAKE CITY – Utah County authorities say they were able to safely rescue a dog Saturday after it fell 40 feet under avalanche ice at the base of Stewart Falls in Provo Canyon.

Crews say some time in the previous week or so an avalanche came through at the base of Stewart Falls which is near Sundance Ski Resort. The slide dropped 40 feet of snow. Someone saw the animal fall through and disappeared under the snow.

The base of Stewart Falls. (Courtesy: Utah County Sheriff’s Office)

Utah County officers initially feared the dog may have died, but when getting to the scene Search and Rescue found it was still alive.

In a press release authorities said an avalanche or heavy snowfall can create “large, cavernous openings” under the surface of the packed snow when it starts to melt. Officers say in this case the waterfall sped up that process as well.

The animal fell into the cavern and was stuck for over 7 hours. A member of SAR went into the cavern and was able to secure the dog into a harness and bring it back to the surface.

The cavern which the dog was stuck in. A member of Search and Rescue rappelled into it and was able to save the dog. (Utah County Sheriff’s Office)

The dog, Beroo, and its owner, Su, were happily reunited. While authorities are glad to see the happy ending, they want to remind everyone to be “aware of their surroundings and the risks at different times of the year” when doing outdoor activities.

The dog and its owner reunited after the rescue. Courtesy: Utah County Sheriff’s Office.