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Mr. Gary Moser – Legacy Elementary

Dear KSL Teacher Feature review committee,

We strongly recommend Mr. Moser, a fourth-grade teacher at Legacy Elementary in American Fork, as a Teacher Feature award recipient based on his indelible impact on our son.

Our son had experienced difficulties in school causing his self-esteem to plummet. He was critical of himself and especially sensitive to feedback from peers and teachers. Testing revealed he excelled in specific areas of learning, but he didn’t realize his potential until Mr. Moser awakened his motivation by allowing him to explore his creativity.

Almost daily, our son bounds through the front door with briskly shared details of new class projects, his personal accomplishments and the insights and praise given by Mr. Moser. Not only has Mr. Moser taught him myriad subjects and details, but also has swelled our son’s desire to learn. Our son has now found the motivation to focus on his tasks and manage them to completion. His self-worth, while gradually climbing, is evident in the wide smile on his face and in his new-found confidence.

Any person can simply teach new information, but only a truly unique teacher, like Mr. Moser, can expand a person’s passion for learning. Our son’s confidence and demeanor have blossomed from the nurturing of Mr. Moser – who finds and creates opportunities for his students to channel their personal talents within even the smallest of projects or reports.

We are forever grateful for the observant eye of Mr. Moser for finding the strengths within our son and igniting his desire to improve himself daily.


Sean & Leeann Whiffen