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Ms. SusieDee Miller – North Davis Junior High

Dear KSL,

Ms. Miller was my eighth grade English teacher at North Davis Junior High School. When I started in her class, I was shy, B-average student and I viewed English as my worst subject. Ms. Miller sparked a fire in me. She did not take my excuses that I was born a bad speller and knew that I could rise above that challenge and any others that I might face. She not only knew that I was capable of an A, she expected it, and expected me to rise above her expectations. She also took a personal interest in my life and made me, and all of her students feel uniquely and important for the talents we possessed.

At the end of the year she challenged me to enroll in Honors English. Taking her challenge, I did enroll in honors English and not only survived, but excelled.

Throughout all of my schooling, I tried to remember the faith that Ms. Miller had in my knowledge and ability to succeed. I took the life lessons Ms. Miller taught me and applied them in my English courses as well as me other courses in school. Four full years after leaving Ms. Millers class with an improved self-esteem, the new belief that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to, and the desire to rise to her expectations, I graduated from my high school class as Valedictorian. The benefits that I have enjoyed in my life because of this are innumerable. I attended Weber State University on a full-ride scholarship and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. I am now attending Brigham Young University pursuing my master’s degree.

When I look back on influential teachers in my life, Ms. Miller stands out. She was an excellent example in all areas of life, both academically and personally. I often think back at the lessons Ms. Miller has taught me. I know that Ms. Miller does not know what an influence she has been in my life. I would really like to give her a sincere thank you.

I think Ms. Miller is very deserving of winning this contest because of the excellent teacher that she is and the large amounts of students she must have influenced throughout her long teaching career. Her full name is Suzie Dee Miller and she is still teaching at North Davis Junior High School in Clearfield, Utah.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like any additional information about what a wonderful teacher Ms. Miller is.

Sara Arrington