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Ms. Karma Dale – Rose Springs Elementary

Nominator: Heather Tyler
Rose Springs Elementary

I would like to nominate my son’s first grade teacher Ms. Karma. Ms. Karma is the kind of teacher every parent hopes their child gets at least once in their life. This woman is amazing. She smiles from morning to night. You can never walk into her class, run into her in the hall, see her outside of school and not see her smiling. She says it is because she truly loves her kids. One of the reasons the kids love Ms. Karma is because she plays with them at recess by helping them with their jump roping or four square. This is my son’s first year in a public school and he is lucky enough to have Ms. Karma. She has taken him under her wing and helped him to develop into a super reader. He is always wanting to please her. She encourages every child to do their best. Every time a child passes off a reading level they run up to her and let her know. She then tells the class to stop everything and then the whole class gives that child a hip hip hooray and they are able to choose a prize from her prize bucket. The kids thrive on her positive attitude. She is even making a memory book for every child in her class, she does it every year. This year the school realized with a week before school was set to start that they needed to add a new first grade class. This had many anxious parents, who had already been told that their child was getting Ms. Karma, upset to think that their child was not going to get her. Ms. Karma said that she would take all of the students that were on her previous list even though this would mean that she would have 27 in her class. Ms. Karma is a single mom who is raising teenage daughters. She works after school helping out with the Jr. Jazz, so she can help pay for her daughters cheerleading expenses. I truly hope you will choose Ms. Karma as one of your winners for your teacher feature. In my opinion there is nobody who deserves it more.