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Mr. Scott Balling – Viewmont High School

I would like to nominate Scott Balling, the Viewmont High School Swim Coach. This is a man who coaches these students for the love of the sport and the desire to inspire kids to excel. Scott is an engineer by trade and has done very well with his profession. Coaching the swim team is more of a selfless hobby for him and a beautiful gift to us.

This year our daughter, Sydnee, came to us and informed us she was going to join the swim team as a sophomore at Viewmont High School. Her mother and I were rather surprised and somewhat confused because Sydnee was not a very good swimmer. Didn’t matter. She wanted to give it a try. Shortly before the season began I ran into Scott. I told him we were excited that Sydnee had made the decision to pursue being a member of the swim team. I also told him we had somewhat questioned her decision because she really couldn’t swim. Without a second’s hesitation, Scott said, “No problem. We’ll have her swimming like a fish in of couple weeks.” And, that he did. We have attended several of her swim meets only to be amazed and proud. Sydnee can swim and is doing very well.

Recently one of the members of the swim team passed away after being involved in a tragic sledding accident. This devastated the entire team, as well as Scott and the community. Due to his faith and strength in working with students, Scott stood tall in comforting his team and encouraged them to move forward. The remainder of the 2007 – 2008 season will be a challenge for each of the students, but with their heads held high, and with the support of their amazing coach, they will swim on in honor of their dear friend.

I know our daughter, Sydnee, has been touched by Scott’s influence. The confidence she has gained in learning to swim, and successfully working through tragedy, has been due to a caring coach who believes in, and loves, each individual on the team. Scott Balling is a hero in our minds, as well as in the minds of our community. Scott truly is deserving of this recognition.


Bryant and Lisa Glade
Proud parents of a great swimmer!