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Mrs. Ruth Ann Hess – Fremont High School

Mrs. Ruth Ann Hess is a math teacher at Fremont High School. She was my pre-calculus teacher when I was a sophomore. At the beginning of the third quarter that year I was diagnosed with leukemia and was unable to attend school. Mrs. Hess worked with me to help me finish the math class.

When my junior year came along, I was still unable to go to school due to my ongoing chemotherapy treatments. I had planned on taking Math 1050, which is concurrent enrollment for college credit, but wasn’t going to be able to because the home and hospital teacher couldn’t teach it. This is when Mrs. Hess stepped up and volunteered her time after school to teach the class for me. This was only supposed to go on until October, which was when I was supposed to be done with my intensive chemo. Unfortunately, my treatments were extended until February. Mrs. Hess didn’t give up and say that it was too long. Mrs. Hess has stayed after school to give me that days lesson and even driven out to my house when I couldn’t make it out to the school.

Two weeks ago my intensive treatments ended. Today she is still teaching me after school while we wait for my blood counts to go up so I can start attending high school again. She has been so patient and understanding. Mrs. Hess really stepped up to the plate when I needed her.

From a thankful student and cancer survivor,

Michelle Carlin