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Ms. Margery McClure – retired – Jordan School District

Dear Mrs. McClure,

At the risk of sounding like a Hallmark Hall of Fame commercial, here goes:

KSL Teacher Feature Nomination April 30th 2008
It is rare that a teacher makes a long-term difference I the life of her students. Many teachers are forgotten after the grade is given and the child moves on to the next class. Most students plow through the work just to get a grade, get the diploma and get out of high school.

This is not the case with Ms. McClure, AO Art Mentor at Brighton High. I call her a mentor because she doesn’t match up to the regular definition of a teacher. Her motivation to teach extends far beyond the paycheck. She teaches because of her love of the kids and her subject. Two of our children have been truly inspired studying art with her. As any good teacher she encourages her students to “think outside the box”, stretch themselves beyond their wildest creative dreams and draw from a reservoir of inner talent they didn’t even know existed. Some student’s haven’t appreciated the stretching she requires. There is no “just getting by” with the minimum to make it through her classes. Her praise and encouragement have been reward enough for those kids that can appreciate her style. Much sacrifice is required to keep up with the frustratingly long hours that are put in to discover one’s own creative genius. However, she recognizes that her class isn’t the only one, and is flexible when other deadlines and extracurricular pursuits also need attention.

She makes it clear that she is genuinely interested in what comes after the cap and gown in the life of her students. While concerned with the minute details of a single brush stroke, she still hasn’t lost sight of the “big picture” of goal building in the lives of those she works with.

She inspired our son through his challenges to put together an extensive portfolio that helped him to be accepted to an exclusive art and architecture college in New York City. She has recently helped our daughter, presently a junior at Brighton, awaken creativity and talent that most teachers would have left dormant.

Mrs. McClure will retire in a few weeks but not after making a lasting impression on hundreds, perhaps thousands, of students who have been touched by her patience, love and inspiration. If “it takes a village”, we as parents will be forever grateful for having our children in the same village that she helped build up. She has truly helped create confidence, self esteem and hope for a more beautiful world for our family members.

Please honor her by recognizing her unconditional contribution to our teenagers and community over many years of service (at least 27 years).

(no need to mention our names specifically- I’m sure we speak for many)

Doug and Julee Steward,

Parents of Brighton High Students Brandon (2005) and Ashlee (2009)