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Mrs. Jill Muhlestein – Elk Meadows Elementary

Dear KSL Teacher Feature:

I am writing to let you know the circxumstances of the accompanying letters. On Tuesday morning as I was driving my son Sam to school, we heard the Teacher Feature on the radio. When my son got out of the car, he said he would like his teacher to be honored with the award, and determined he would nominate her. Of course, I thought he would forget about it as soonb as school started that day, but when he arrived home I got a surprise.

Sam had asked his teacher to leave the room for ten minutes because the class was working on a special project. He then told the class about Teacher Feature, and asked them all to write a letter to KSL about their teacher, Mrs. Muhlestein. He even instructed them on how to address the letters. I was surprised he had accomplished all that in one day, but I was very proud of his initiative.

Mrs. Muhlestein really does deserve the Teacher Feature award. She has been a dedicated teacher for many years, and I have noticed, from volunteering in her classroom, how great she is with the kids. She is very encouraging and helps them to be their best selves. She seems to motivate them by her good opinion of them. I have never seen her annoyed or angry, and she has wonderful classroom control, seemingly without any obvious control methods. I think the children really respond to her soft-spoken, respectful, yet firm way of teaching. She is wonderfully organized, and I must agree with her class that she is a wonderful teacher.

Thank you for considering Mrs. Muhlestein for the KSL Teacher Feature award.


Janet Frandsen

Dear KSL,

This was all my idea. It was my idea that our teacher went in the hall so we, my class and I, could write these letters. I know that Mrs. Muhlestein should win the teacher feature award. She’s a great teacher. So please give her the award. I know she deserves it.

Sam Frandsen