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Emily Coombs – Majestic Elementary


My 2nd grade teacher is by far my favorite. Her name is Mrs. Coombs, but her maiden name is Miss Brown. She is an awesome teacher and I wish I could have had her for every grade. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of my teachers I had and have, but she is just my favorite. These are some good reasons why she is the best teacher.
Mrs. Coombs is a lot of fun. We would play games that would help us learn all of the time. I can say I had a lot of fun learning. Of course it wasn’t all fun and games, we did stuff that was just straight work. But she sure did make it easier for kids to learn, because we could have fun and learn at the same time. If I was to ask anyone who was in her class if they like her I’m sure they would say yes.

The next reason why Mrs. Coombs is the best is because she was always happy. We sang a lot and like each day she would teach us a new song and we would all have a good time. I also noticed that she always had a smile on her face. I liked her a lot and I’m glad I was lucky enough to be in her class and I wish that she was still teaching so maybe my brother could have had a chance to meet her.

My teacher made 2nd grade fun for me and the other kids in 2nd grade, but then she started being a secretary so I could see her around the building every once in awhile. I am glad other people got a chance to get to know her, because she is awesome. But now she just recently moved to another school so I don’t think I will ever see her again, but I am very hopeful. Well Mrs. Coombs is great and I think it is cool how she taught and then was a secretary and she stayed in this school for so long. But I hope she has fun at her new school and that she meets nice people.

Here are some facts about Mrs. Coombs: She has long, black hair. She has a husband (or had I don’t really know if she is still married) that is a really good artist. She is tall, funny, and smart. She likes to sing and she is very nice and fun. I have noticed that she likes kids a lot and she is good with kids. So these are the reasons why she is the best teacher ever (or at least that is what I think).

Alisha Reynolds