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Lori Salter – Edgemont Elementary

I would like to nominate my 5th grade teacher Mrs. Lori Salter. She was a great teacher that made learning fun! Now here are the reasons why I’m nominating Mrs. Salter.
When I was in 5th grade, Mrs. Salter came to my class during the middle of the school year because my other teacher quit.

When it was the first week that she was teaching the class, she found that we were behind in some subjects. So Mrs. Salter made us work hard for a while till we were back on track.

We played a game called Wizards. It is a game where you are put into teams and try to beat the other teams to the white castle. It helped us get along with each other. We had to encourage the team to get their planner signed, study for spelling tests and vocabulary so that we could get points to move across a map.

She made learning so fun that I didn’t want to miss a single day or one hour of school. She taught me how to tell the greater sign from the less sign. She said the one that has the point facing to the left looks like an “L” stands for less.

The one that has the point facing the right looks like a 7 and the seventh letter in the alphabet is a “G” so that stands for greater.

I would like to say that she is the super, grand, best teacher I ever had, and I’ve had a lot of great teachers in my life.

She made me get a good score on my end of year test. I know that anywhere she goes all of her students will love her like I do for a teacher.

–Emily Reichmann