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Angela Kirk – Noah Webster Academy

Angela Kirk is an extremely devoted teacher at Noah Webster Academy School in Orem, UT. She is an extraordinary teacher for making a difference in the lives of her students. She cares about each one of her students and gives them individual attention. She creates an atmosphere where each person feels they are loved, smart, and capable of being whatever they want. She knows they all have something to offer and shows faith in them. They sense her honesty and know she believes they can succeed. She has a way of motivating them to excel, and, the students love her back. They are excited to be there and don’t want to miss a day.

Mrs. Kirk has helped guide, and inspire her students. Some of the ways that she has done this is by planning lessons, and teaching them in many various settings. She teaches by incorporating different crafts, games, and other methods for the children to learn how to work and play well together. She uses games to make it fun for them. Mrs. Kirk has a tremendous love of reading and she reads to the students and even brings her own books for them to read, along with making a special place in her class room just for reading. Because of this, her students have, also, developed a love to read. The gift Mrs. Kirk has is that of loving children, and she loves to see them become excited about learning. Great teachers are people who inspire others to bring about change or to get something accomplished. They possess a variety of talents, skills, and traits that are unique. Her strengths are helping the children to have fun while learning, and she has had a big impact in promoting the love of reading, and the desire to learn to read and enjoy it. She has worked quite extensively with children, and gives them love and attention. She loves children and books, and has inspired a love of reading to all children that she teaches, including the disabled children. The time she spends teaching is quality time.

I know that loving to read will benefit the children she teaches, for the rest of their lives, and will help them learn how to perform better for later in life.

Outside of the classroom, Mrs. Kirk read quite a few books on tapes, which she gave to various children, so they could listen to the tapes on their own, and follow along the words in the books. She donated these hoping more children would learn to appreciate books, and that it can be fun. Books can lift our spirits, and bring enjoyment into the lives they touch. It feels very good to see the smiles and happiness in the student’s faces, and their expressions of thanks.

Mrs. Kirk is continually reaching out to her students every day. She helps them to keep learning and setting goals, and tells them they can accomplish their dreams. She has taught them to work together and support each other. She is an amazing example to others, and has a huge impact for good in the classroom and out. She has been an exceptional example to me and I would like to nominate her for the teacher feature. Thank you

–Alan Greenwood