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Debbie Bird – Northlake Elementary

Debbie Bird has taught for many years as a Kindergarten teacher at Northlake Elementary. This is her first year as a literacy coach. She has infused excitement into our school with her contagious enthusiasm for life. She doesn’t go anywhere without a smile on her face. All of the students know her and respect her. Every Tuesday, she rides the long halls of Northlake on her 3-wheeled bike, honking her horn as she enters each room to collect reading minutes. Mrs. Bird loves children, and it shows in everything she does. She is kind and respectful of their feelings, and always lifts them with her positive talk. Each day, after school, you can hear laughter coming from her room as students, parents, and educators stop by to visit. Mrs. Bird gives children “wings”….her name is very fitting. She teaches them how to fly. When a child knows they are valued, everything in their life improves…even how they learn. With all the budget cuts and dire predictions about our economy, I know that Mrs. Bird will remain positive through it all. The important piece of this nomination is that her cheerful disposition brings light to a dark time in our economy. She stays focused on people instead of programs. Therefore, without hesitation, I nominate Mrs. Bird for her outstanding performance at Northlake Elementary.

— Jean Didericksen