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Julie Arnold – Valley View Elementary

Please help our family honor an exceptional teacher, Mrs. Julie Arnold, who saved our son and brother’s life, literally.

Jarom Mercer, a student at Valley View Elementary, rushed out of the lunch room and didn’t take the time to finish chewing his lunch. After having trouble swallowing the food, he went in the restroom to try and cough it out. He soon realized that he was in trouble, as his airway became completely blocked. He left the bathroom at the same time Mrs. Arnold walked out of her 5th grade classroom into the hallway. Jarom signaled that he was choking and Mrs. Arnold immediately took action. Her first attempt at the Heimlich was unsuccessful, so she alerted others to call 911. She performed it a second time and a portion of the blockage came free. A third attempt freed his airway and he was able to breathe again.

As a family we feel it is impossible to thank Julie Arnold enough for being prepared and persistent as she performed this lifesaving act. Our hope is that Teacher Feature can help us show her what she means to our family and our community. Our hearts are filled with love and appreciation for her and we ask that you help us to recognize and honor her.

Thank You.
The Mercer Family