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Walter Lewis – Oquirrh Hills Middle School

Mr. Walter Lewis is a fantastic math teacher at Oquirrh Hills Middle School. He mades learning math fun and interesting for all students. Math comes alive in his classroom. Mr. Lewis incorporates technology, cooperative learning, exploration, and making real world connections into his classroom.

He applies for grants to further help the students and staff at Oquirrh Hills. Mr. Lewis’s years of teaching experience and desire to find new invigorating and exciting ways to reach and teach his students has helped them understand more clearly the ends and outs of math and why it works. Mr. Lewis is the most caring and dedicated math teacher. Weekly, he sends out progress reports by e-mail to parents informing them of their child’s progress. Enclosed with this are notes telling parents what has happened in the classroom that week and the following week. My children hated math before they had Mr. Lewis. He helped open their eyes and enjoy math. Mr. Lewis influences his students to be the best they can be. He also provide the opportunity for his department to collaboratively rethink their teaching strategies and improve student learning.

It is hard to find math teachers like Mr. Lewis who are devoted to their job and help students learn to love it, not hate or dread it.

–Carolyn Dietrick