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Dyan Stewart – Bountiful Junior High School

I would like to nominate Dyan Stewart from Bountiful Junior High School.

My son has Aspergers and severe ADHD. Every year I have to meet with the teachers and explain his problems, his limitations and his weaknesses. It is a very humbling experience. Most teachers are pretty good to work with while some seem so put out to have a special needs student in their class. When I talked to Mrs. Stewart she put her arm around me and said “Don’t worry mom, we’ll take good care of our boy.” She is so loving and encouraging. I cried, I literally sat at her table and cried. As a mother it’s my job to fight for my children and to be their advocate and when I have someone so willing to help on the other end it makes my life so much easier. Mrs. Stewart has the best interest of the kids first and foremost in her mind at all times. She is helping my son organize his notebooks and homework so when he gets to high school it won’t be a problem for him. She stays after school and helps him make up his missing assignments. She works with his other teachers to get him the time and help he needs. She is a true LIFESAVER to our family. My son use to dread going to school. He would say that it’s to overwhelming and that he can’t keep everything straight in his mind. She has helped straighten things out and now he looks forward to school each morning. Without teachers like Mrs. Stewart I believe my special needs son would just fall through the cracks.

Please consider this wonderful teacher for the Teacher Feature award.

Kim Lubbers