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Richard Glassford – Lakeridge Junior High School

I would like to nominate Mr. Glassford for the Teacher Feature award. He has been a Biology teacher at Lakeridge Junior High for 19 years. All my four children have had him as their teacher – my youngest has him now.

He is an amazing and dedicated teacher. He arrives every day at 7 AM and stays until 4 PM. My children have always been able to get the extra help they need. He is very demanding and encourages his students to reach a higher level than any other courses they have taken. One of my sons said that his course was the first one where he really learned how to take notes and study for a test. He really is able to bridge the gap between Junior High School and High School.

Mr. Glassford has the students use the computer on projects often. Not only does he use computers in his class, but he really uses the technology available to enhance learning. He is currently teaching my son how to take notes effectively using the computer in class. He also makes his students take notes on paper so they can learn several ways to master the material. He also uses home based internet programs which allow his students to access his material both at home and in school.

On any given day before school, after school and during ‘Flex’ period (an innovative program Lakeridge Junior High has implemented to encourage success in all classes), Mr. Glassford’s classroom is always buzzing with activity. When my son goes in for extra help, he always insists on getting there extra early so he can be sure to ‘beat the crowd.’ Sometimes this means getting there by 6:50 AM. Students always feel welcome in his classroom and Mr. Glassford has a great ability to inspire success in Biology.

Here’s the most amazing thing about Mr. Glassford – his wife Lynne. She has worked in the lunch room for 7 years. She gets off at about 2 PM and then spends the rest of the time helping her husband in the classroom. She runs errands and makes copies and frees him up to be able to work one on one with the students after school. They make an amazing team. What astonishes me is that this is all done as a volunteer. This is such a great service to the Lakeridge community and it goes mostly unnoticed.

I can’t think of a more amazing team than the Glassfords and feel so privileged to have them helping to educate my children. I would love to see them get some recognition for all they do for the students at Lakeridge Junior High and think receiving this award would be well deserved.


Angela Busath