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Beth Elmer – Eagle Valley Elementary

Mrs. Elmer is our child’s 4th grade teacher at Eagle Valley Elementary in Eagle Mountain. She is a fantastic example of a teacher that truly cares about her students’ academics as well as personal growth. She has been a real asset in forming our child’s future. She has been there for us as parents by phone or email, early in the morning, along with during her lunch break. While she is a full time teacher, she is also an Alto in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. How she is able to balance the two and still find time to attend to the day-to-day duties of being a teacher, are mysterious to me. Our child is currently up at Primary Children’s residential treatment diagnosed Bi-polar, but Mrs. Elmer still sends emails and I often stop by Mrs. Elmer’s room to give her updates on our child. She has been available for many conflicts between our child and others, knowing of our situation and our child’s medical issue, never jumping to conclusions, and always being fair with the children. I have went on a field trip recently with the 4th graders and Mrs. Elmer’s class. Mrs. Elmer is truly and example of one that loves her job and her students. Mrs. Elmer is definitely deserving of this great honor.

-Todd Ferreira