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Jayne Jensen – Copper Canyon Elementary School

We would like to nominate our son’s 6th grade teacher, Jayne Jensen, as your Teacher of the Week, for you loving and caring attitude, and her great ability as a teacher.

Our son had what we like to call, “a less than positive 5th grade experience”. Heading into 6th grade, his self confidence was at an all time low, and even though he got great grades, he really doubted his abilities. He was having trouble sleeping, and he was very nervous to start 6th grade.

After just one week in 6th grade, he came home and announced that he loved school again, and that he loved Mrs. Jensen. She constantly built him up. His attitude changed, and his confidence continued to grow.

Now he is in 7th grade. He was recently selected as a 7th grade Student Council Representative, and he continues to be a happy and successful student. He tested into the highest 7th grade math class, Algebra 1, as did several other students from Mrs. Jensen’s class. I have talked to many other parents or Mrs. Jensen’s students, and they all comment about what a great job she did getting them ready, academically and emotionally for 7th grade.

The icing on the cake for me, came when we were doing back to school shopping. As we were leaving, Mrs. Jensen was coming in. She hugged our son, and told him how much she missed him. They chatted for a minute, and as we walked away he said, “Mom, every time I see Mrs. Jensen, I feel special”. You can’t ask for much more than that.

-Lisa Wilson