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Mrs. Anna Wylie – Rose Creek Elementary

I would like to nominate Anna Wylie from Rose Creek Elementary School in Riverton, Utah. She is in her second year here at Rose Creek and has done and amazing job. We are very blessed to have her here. Now let me tell you why!! Anna is our Literacy Facilitator and works very hard to make sure each child of a school of 952 children has the opportunity to receive any extra help they need to be reading on or above grade level. I have the opportunity to be one of four Reading Assistants. We are able to service and help 135 children from grades K-6th through the SOAR reading program that aren’t reading on grade level. Anna is always there to help test the children to see what reading level they are on, give us new teaching ideas and skills, and extra things to make reading fun and easier to learn when the children struggle at times. Anna always tries to give 110% to her job. Along with working with the SOAR program Anna does many things for the whole school – children and teachers. She hands out dog tags each month to those children who have read the number of required minutes, helps the principal, Michelle Peterson, run meetings that help the teachers with their ‘grade team’ (whatever grade they teach) with reading ideas, helps find out which children need assistance with reading or other issues and with testing. Anna takes time to leave us gifts and thank you notes to let us know we are loved and appreciated. Anna also helps to rewrite school/community council goals for a five year plan in order for Rose Creek to see where they need to be and continue to be successful school. The teachers are grateful for her help as well as well as the children.

Thank you very much for your time.

Kellee Anderson