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Alan Baggaley – Northern Academy for Math, Engineering, and Science

Señor Alan Baggaley, a Spanish teacher at NUAMES High School, is an unsung hero of his profession. Due to the disproportionally low salary teachers earn, compared to the vital role they play in society, Señor Baggaley works two jobs and donates his plasma to support his family. More frequently than not, Mr. Baggaley, or “Señor Bolsas” as he is frequently called, is the last person to leave the school and the first person to arrive. Although he works long hours, in my three years of being one of his students, I have yet to see him in a bad mood. Because of his optimism and enthusiasm in whichever environment he is in, he unknowingly encouraged me to be a leader to those who need my help. Mr. Baggaley is a positive role model for all.

Señor Baggaley uses a “hands-on” teaching style through the use of interactive stories that he writes. These stories are bizarre and unforgettable as is their content. He is a personable and well-liked man at NUAMES and a positive role model for all to follow.

I will always remember and regard him as a major contributing factor to a successful and enjoyable experience at NUAMES. I am sure that my fellow students would agree with me in stating that Mr. Baggaley simply ROCKS.

-Jake Jackson