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Mrs. Marcy Noorda – Brockbank Elementary School

Mrs. Noorda is a first grade teacher at Brockbank Elementary. On Tuesday of this a week a new student joined her class room. He moved from Hawaii. On Thursday he showed up to school without shoes. He was feeling embarrassed. Often times shoes are not worn in Hawaii. I was volunteering that day in the class room. When I got to school there were 20 pairs of small shoes sitting under the children’s desks. The teacher decided to have the children remove their shoes so their classmate from Hawaii wouldn’t feel sad. I was touched. Shoes were brought to the boy, and at recess time there were 20 kids putting on their shoes ready to go outside. There was a feeling of love and support given both by the students and especially by Mrs. Noorda. She is a wonderful teacher.

-Nashaun Critchfield