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Garth Limb – Heartland Elementary

Dear KSL NewsRadio and Zions Bank,
We would like to nominate Mr. Garth Limb as an outstanding teacher. Mr. Limb has been teaching at Heartland Elementary in West Jordan for 17 years with complete dedication. He has a great love and concern for his students and goes above and beyond his normal duties as a teacher. We have been fortunate to have Mr. Limb teach two of our children so far and our youngest hopes to have him as a teacher as well.

Mr. Limb currently teaches our daughter’s 4th grade class. He has a special skill to motivate children to do better. He has pushed our daughter to spend extra time reading this year at home and to develop her reading and comprehension skills. She started the year on a “T’ reading level and Mr. Limb recently tested and passed her to a “Z” reading level. Regarding her teacher, Mr. Limb, our daughter Emily has stated, “I like when Mr. Limb helps me when I am stuck on a problem. He reads it with me and helps me understand it”. Mr. Limb is being moved to teach 5th grade next year and our daughter hopes to have him as her teacher once again.

Our son Jake was fortunate to have Mr. Limb as his teacher in 6th grade. One of Mr. Limb’s goals was to make sure all of the 6th graders were prepared for middle school. Our son Jake has excelled in middle school and he feels much of this is attributed to Mr. Limb’s preparation and dedication. Jake has stated, “Mr. Limb always said how ready we will be for middle school when he was finished with us. I knew what I was doing when I reached 7th grade because of Mr. Limb.”

As parents, we appreciate that Mr. Limb uses real world examples to teach the children and gets them excited to learn. He uses a very matter-of-fact attitude with the children that they understand. He also allows children to call home with their “good news”. It is always nice to hear about the positive experiences at school instead of just the negative ones. He also goes beyond just the “ABC’s” and teaches children organizational skills and responsibility with his end-of-week organizational sheet and the responsibility of students to have their parents sign this. This has been very helpful as well to parents for parent/teacher communication.

Mr. Limb puts children first even as he struggles with health related issues. In addition, Mr. Limb has lost two close family members this school year but maintains dedication to his students and school.

We would appreciate your consideration of Mr. Limb as a very well-deserving candidate in your Teacher Feature.
–Brad and Jenn Lortsher