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Dr. Jim Marshall – Stevens Henager College

To whom it may concern,

My name is Brandon Gregory and I am nominating a professor of mine that has been extraordinary when it comes to teaching and keeping students motivated. He works are Stevens-Henager College in Murray, Utah. When I first started school there, he was my anatomy teacher and I had several anatomy courses before with other professors. When it came to “Doc”, he made anatomy fun and exciting to learn about. His methods of “Draw, Label, and Explain” only furthered my knowledge I had prior and when I reached the clinical setting of my schooling, questions having to do with the human body were simple because of how he taught. He has been fun and enjoyable and never let a dull moment in. Besides what he has done in the classroom, he is also sponsoring a child from Africa that has a cleft palate. She is a young girl that never complained at all about it, but because of the problem, her life would be shortened. He has paid for her living expenses and medical bills along with some of her family. When she is done, she will return to Africa a new person that they will look at, as a person who “walked
with God” because her problem would be fixed. Doc has been influential in keeping students interested in schooling, along with trying to make a difference in the world today. He is a person who deserves all the credit for the amazing things he is doing for others. Please consider him in this feature.

Brandon Gregory