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Linda Glazier – Kearns High School

At first I couldn’t believe that my daughter’s math teacher, Linda Glazier, would stay after school for three hours helping my daughter to understand Algebra. After the third day, I thought to myself, “I have to go meet this person.” Not only did she say, “This is my job,” but she also said, “We will continue to do this, even throughout the entire school year if needed.” What else is there to say? So many of us struggle with math, and I know that in my case, if I would have had a “Mrs. Glazier” during my high school years, I would have learned to love math.
I know Mrs. Glazier would probably be a little embarrassed if she knew I was nominating her for this wonderful award. However, she deserves this. Although there are many great teachers in our state, Mrs. Glazier has to take the cake!!! Thank you, Mrs. Glazier, for caring so much for our children’s educational experience.

–Shannon Strickland