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Mrs. Linda Stark – Highland Junior High School

Dear Teacher Feature,

The teacher that changed my life was Mrs. Stark. The reason why is that she set up a field trip to Salt Lake City to go to the Clark Planetarium and the Salt Lake City Library. The only way you could go is if you didn’t have any Fs, Ns, or Us. The field trip was amazing we rode the front runner to Salt Lake City. Then we rode the train in Salt Lake City to the Clark Planetarium where we watched one of two videos. We also got to look around and play with the stuff there. Then we rode the train again to the Salt Lake Library. When we got there we ate lunch and got to walk around outside. Then we went inside to learn about the World War II at the exhibit there. That was one of my favorite parts because I like history. Also while we were there we got to walk around and look at the library. The whole thing will always be a part of me. Mrs. Stark was just an amazing teacher and that is only one of the many things she did that changed my life. That changed my life because I learned things that I didn’t know before and because I got to see thing that I won’t of.

Also one day I couldn’t format a poem I did for class and she took time out of her day to stay and help me. I was about to give up and she pushed me to get it done. In the end, it paid off. That taught me even in the toughest times to stick with something and it will pay off in the long run. Also I learned how to write a good poem and format it.


Colton Leatherow