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Heidi McKissick – Elkridge Middle School

Mrs. McKissick is an amazingly gifted teacher and person. In fact, she is a miracle worker! Our son, Ryan, has struggled to find his place in school since the first day of kindergarten. He has always felt that school was boring and, in many ways, felt that school was a prison.

We have tried everything to help Ryan find his path; to spark his interest in school but to no avail. The beginning and ending of each school year seemed to only deepen his frustration and he continued to dread school rather than look forward to it.

Sunday evenings have evolved into a constant struggle of him explaining how much he hates school and us encouraging him that he can do it, etc…so imagine my shock when this past Sunday evening my son said to me, “Mom, I just wanted to let you know that I am really beginning to enjoy school” – what?? Yep, that’s right he said not only was he beginning to enjoy school but he was actually looking forward to it! Truly, there aren’t words to explain what those words meant to us. He said he looks forward to reading and writing in Mrs. McKissick’s class each day! He said that Mrs. McKissick is patient, kind, funny and makes things so fun and interesting that he can’t wait to go to school! Wow! I mean…WOW!! Mrs. McKissick has done what no one else (not even us, his loving parents) have been able to do…she helped our son find his spark! She helped Ryan find his path! And yet, when we thanked her she replied, quite modestly, that Ryan is just a great kid who is easy to teach and who works hard. She deserves to be honored in your teacher feature because she has truly made the difference in Ryan. Again, there just aren’t words to explain what an incredible impact she has made. She has encouraged him and shown him just what he is really capable of and for that, we will be forever grateful to this amazing and dedicated teacher.

-Desiree Ferris